Brad works with experienced and emerging leaders in business, non-profits, and other organizations.

Brad's Most Popular Speaking Topics

In this inspiring and thought-provoking keynote, Brad shares his personal story of overcoming tragedy and how obstacles can be the catalyst to a leader’s success.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Own Their Story and use their barriers to their advantage

  • Discover their Strengths to make maximum impact

  • Transform Limiting Beliefs into Liberating Beliefs

It’s no secret that 70% of employees report being disengaged at their job.  An often overlooked issue are the complexities of a multigenerational workplace. In this powerful keynote, Brad uses research and story to explore how leaders can build stronger teams by embracing generational similarities and differences.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Recognize the similarities and differences between Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z

  • Build inclusive, multigenerational teams that foster innovation

  • Improve workplace communication

  • Increase employee engagement

Entrepreneurs have a deep-seated (soul) desire to create a profitable and purposeful business. In this engaging keynote, Brad teaches his powerful, entrepreneurial framework The 3D Mindset.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Lead in 3Directions by asking Where? How? Why?

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Find Work/Life Rhythm, not balance

  • Establish habits that help them thrive personally and professionally

Leaders often feel overwhelmed because they spend too much valuable time struggling with yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.  In this motivational keynote, Brad shows leaders how to live their best life today: how to #MasterTheMoment.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Intentionally practice Gratitude

  • Develop Resilience

  • Build a culture of growth where their team feels valued and appreciated